On December 11th, 1986 Brandie Peltz was home sick from school.  Sometime after lunch she was brutally murdered in her home.  Her house was set on fire in attempt to conceal the evidence.  Years later a fictionalized account of the crime was written in book, The Passerby.  Since, the small town of Argos, Indiana has been torn between fact and fiction.  Follow along as the Crew dismantles the case and separates fact from fiction.  The common goal: Justice for Brandie Peltz.

Case 2, episode 1 welcome to argos

Case 2 episode 2 Rumors

case 2 episode 3 the crowell interview

Case 2 episode 4 The crowell interview take 2

case 2 episode 5 the unusual suspects

Case 2 Episode 6 THIS ISN'T OVER!